Dirty Idealism

As a first-time author I thought, idealistically, that when Dirty Bird came out there would be rave reviews in the National Post and the Globe and Mail. Maybe the Toronto Star, The Winnipeg Review, The Coast. Critics praising the book I had spent years delicately (fumblingly is closer to the truth) crafting. Readers responding to these reviews, racing out to bookstores to buy my thin tome. Quickly, rather sadly, I learned that review space is dwindling, much like readers, and there are too many deserving authors and worthy books in competition with one another.

Consequently, there have been very few reviews of Dirty Bird, which makes this one, over a year after the publication of my novel, feel like an accomplishment worthy of an olympic medal. At the very least a cookie.

Broken Pencil is a fine magazine that highlights all things “indie” and I want to thank them, and Colin Brush, for the attention.

The highlight for me comes in the review’s final paragraph: “Still, there are serene moments in the book that breathe clean air into its dirty pages. But it’s the dirty moments that earn Lowther his ribbon; his ability to make small town tragedies new again, and make innocence unnerving, and his knack for writing about an off-kilter family from a tiny island out east that leaves us feeling bad on the inside.”

For the full review, click here

3 responses to “Dirty Idealism”

  1. Keir, I was just introduced to your book at the OMDC Publisher/Producer meet up in Toronto. You have a rare talent and you should take heart in that. You may not be getting the attention the book deserves, but hopefully that will change. Keep writing man. You have something very special. Your characters were flesh and I could both understood them and could empathize, no matter how rough the situation. A rare feat. You might also note that many folks who read and dig your book might not get in touch, but they are out there. So keep on promoting this one, and keep writing the next. Use that visioning/writing muscle you have! Folks will find it.

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