In Hiding

As kids, we hid. We got our kicks from hiding under blankets, pillows, coffee tables. Waiting to be found, trembling with excitement. We laughed manically when we were uncovered. I remember how it felt to hide, and and what it took to hide well. I now see it in my kids. It seems our house has an abundance trembling, giggling blankets.

My theory: we’re hardwired to hide and for some of us, at least the more introverted, we never grow out of it.

As a writer, the easiest thing in the world is to hide away with the book I am writing or a book somebody else has written. It’s the privacy, it’s the sullen contemplation, but it’s also that fundamental thrill of watching life from the shadows.

So for what feels like the last two years I’ve been writing every day, and hiding all over Charlottetown. If it had have been up to me, I would have hidden a while longer but my friend, Patti Larsen, invited me to participate in the PEI Authors/Illustrators Festival on Saturday, November 7th at UPEI. I agreed in principal. With the event fast approaching, I realized I didn’t have books to sell. I contacted my publisher early last week, hoping they wouldn’t be able to courier me books in time. Sadly, they promptly provided books within a week. Sadly, short of arming my kids with scissors and asking them to guard my books, I have run out of excuses and will be attending the festival on Saturday.

You can check the event out on facebook by clicking here.

Hope to see some of you there.

I’ll be smiling the whole time but dreaming of Sunday morning when it’s just me and my manuscript. Darkly inching towards the end.

By the way, I want to thank Patti Larsen and company for all her fantastic efforts in organizing and putting on this festival.

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