Whitney Moran, Senior Editor at Nimbus Publishing, is Coming to PEI for an Editing Workshop

If you are a writer who underestimates the value of a great editor, I suggest you read up on Raymond Carver and Gordon Lish. Read the before and afters. See for yourself how Lish (the editor) stripped away the sentimentality of Carver’s prose and helped create a lean profundity and a crisp layering of detail that set Carver apart and helped establish him as a modern master. Carver was very aware of Lish’s contribution, as is evidenced by his letter to Lish, on the eve of the publication of What We Talk About When We Talk About Love:

“You are a wonder, a genius, and there’s no doubt of that, better than any two of Max Perkins, etc. etc. And I’m not unmindful of the fact of my immense debt to you, a debt I can simply never, never repay. This whole new life I have, so many of the friends I now have, this job up here [teaching creative writing at Syracuse University], everything, I owe to you….”

What does this have to do with Whitney Moran, you ask? Well, she’s coming to Charlottetown, PEI, and this is your chance to get into the mind of an editor for a day long workshop that will cover:

  • approaching editors: dos and don’ts of pitching to a publisher
  • the editorial process in a publishing house;
  • substantive vs. copyedit;
  • the most common editorial mishaps authors make and how to avoid them;
  • what authors should look for in hiring a freelance editor;
  • the relationship between editor and author; and
  • self-editing practices.

You’ll have get the chance to sit in on a discussion between Whitney and two esteemed authors she has edited in Dave Atkinson and Deirdre Kessler.

For details on the workshop, or sign-in instructions, please click here.


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