Reading Town PEI, April 30 – May 8

So it’s Reading Town PEI week. Check out all the great events going on at Reading Town PEI. If you can’t make it to any of the events, or you live elsewhere, I challenge you over the next week to carve off some time to read. Whether you’re an every day reader or not, find a book you’ve been always wanting to read and take the time to relax your ears and let your imagination soar.
Here’s my Top Ten List for why reading books matters to ME:

10. You don’t have to recharge books, they are powered by your heart and brain;

9. Reading allows your ears to be quiet as your mind flies;

8. In this hectic and wired world, we need more excuses to slow down, to lie down, and books are best enjoyed reclined;

7. Harry Potter, Jay Gatsby, Heathcliff, Huck Finn, the English patient, Sherlock Holmes, the Gruffalo – we would not have them without books;

6. There are millions of books about almost anything you could ever want to know and most of them are a bookstore, a library, a download or a click away;

5. Books remind me of eating seafood in that there is something so physical about the process, the picking up the book, the folding of the pages, the smell of old paper and ink, that to read feels like I am connected to something prehistorically human;

4. Book collections are like a window into people’s minds;

3. Bookshelves:


2. Books give me time with my kids and a front-row seat to their wowing, wondering minds;

1. Eleanor and Park, A Sport and a Pastime, Catcher in the Rye, The Diviners, Mercy Among the Children, You, The Old Man and the Sea, The Collected Poems of Alden Nowlan, Station Eleven, Stargirl, The Gruffalo….

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